Tracking your progress in the History tab

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    Yahuhanan Yukia Sese Cuneta

    Google Fit sync is buggy.

    For Weight:
    1. When you visit History logs, almost all entries have a time of 00:00.
    2. When the data from Google Fit are copied over to Zero app, there is a discrepancy of 0.1 to 0.5.
    3. Only sync'ing one data per day because of the 00:00 bug.

    1. At first, it was intermittent. Since Tuesday this week, it stopped completely.
    2. Yes, I did the SOP (reconnect), it did not work.

    Question: What do you mean RHR is not available in Google Fit? I've been sync'ing my HR to Google Fit since last year.

    Are you referring to just "resting"? If so, why restrict it to "resting" only? Not because we're fasting does it mean we're "resting" all day. In fact, it is far more important to have a complete HR view while fasting than seeing RHR only.

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