Fasting streaks

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    Rebecca Wilson

    Eliminate summar of current or longest streak, both don’t seem necessary and will make room to have night eating average

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    Michael Doerneman

    The 24 hour window for calculating streaks doesn’t make any sense. Either it should count the days I log a fast (regardless of duration) or even better, count only the days I hit my fast duration. So if I’m doing 18:6, count the days I hit 18 hours.

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    Paula Steinkuehler

    Some people don't fast every day, so I guess it depends on how you define a streak.  If someone only fasts  2-3 times per week, there are going to be gaps longer than 24 hours in between.  That doesn't mean they didn't keep to their plan.

    Perhaps the app could offer a scheduling feature for weekly or monthly fasting plans.  As long as the schedule is maintained, the streak continues.

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    Simon Contreras

    As in other apps (like DuoLingo), an streak refer to number of consecutive times someone hits his/her own target. Therefore, if you plan is to hit 3 times a 18:6 fasting a week, for me achieving such objetive is a streak of 3... (Provided you hit the time each time, and regardless of the >24hrs in between fastings)... Or said otherwise, the streak should reflect on the number of times you hit your goal in a row...

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