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    I always get the "weight in" notification even after disabling it. Can't get rid of it.

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    Hi Schwingi,

    Sorry you're experiencing this issue! Would you mind sending us a note at so we can try to resolve the issue?

    Thank you!
    Team Zero

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    Vegim Qemali

    The app is great, but i would like you to consider a few additional features.
    Is it possible to have a notofication 1 hr before you start fasting ( ex. if you have selected night fasting you will get a notification one hour before sunset that you have 1 hour remaining to eat something) and another notification when your fasting starts so you will have to enable it in the app.
    Another great addition would be islam fasting. Ramadan starts on 6th of May i think it would be great for people to receive notifications when they sgould fast.

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    Hi Vegim Qemali,

    Thanks for the feedback and suggestions! I'll definitely pass these along to the team for consideration.

    Happy fasting!
    Team Zero

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    Ivana Sklárová

    I will get repeated weigh in notification, even when i already ended fast.. It can be even 8 same notifications per a couple of hours

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    Hi Ivana,

    So sorry you're experiencing this issue! What version of the app are you using? You can find this by tapping on the gear icon at the top of the History tab, then scrolling to the bottom of the screen.

    You might also try turning off and turning back on the weigh in notification in Settings.

    Feel free to write to us at for further assistance.

    Thank you,
    Team Zero

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