Zero 3.0 is Coming!

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    Beatrice McNeill

    I’m thrilled! Thanks, I’ve lost 21 lbs. so far and Zero has been a great help. Did miss the longer term tracking and the total weight loss tracking. Love that it’s free!

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    Can’t wait! Thank you so much for developing these apps. It’s been a tremendous help in my journey of weight loss. Currently lost 54 lbs in 9 weeks using Zero in conjunction to better eating habits with exercise.

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    Can't wait for this update! Thank you for keeping it free!

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    Vessie Voo

    Will the new Zero be more iOS friendly? This is such a great app, but currently many of Zero’s features (weight, activity tracking for example) are available only to Android users. Zero is reliable, accurate, and easy to use but those of us with iPhones/iPads, it only does the basics of tracking. I sure hope the new Zero has full functionality for iOS users. 

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    Chelsea Titus

    I really REALLY REALLY dislike how you changed “Stop Fasting” to “End Fast Early”. That wording encourages diet mentality and that’s the whole reason I’m doing IF. Is there any way to change this?

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    Horia Babet

    I really like the new design and the new options of zero 3, but I’m missing the count down until sunset ; if you could reinstate that with next update will be awesome.

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    Tatiana Demurova

    the previous design was much better, laconic and cleaner ... most likely I will stop using the new version ..

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    Haney Mariec

    I agree w the other ladies; this new version is lousy. The previous version was quick and easy; now I have an app that’s asking me if I’m sure I want to break my fast early. With all the other complications in life, I don’t need my fasting app to ask me if I’m sure I need/want to EAT.

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    Leah van Deventer

    Love that your full fast history is shown, and that you can cross reference your weight with your fasts – and that the app is free! However, please can you reword the 'end fast early' button to simply 'end fast'. It makes me feel like a failure if, for whatever reason, I decide to change my fast schedule midway.

    On that note, could you bring back the function to edit fasts midway? So if you opted for 18 hours but want to change to 16, or 20, you can. The 'didn't reach goal' is super disheartening when you actively made a choice to end early (IF is all about flexibility, rather than diet mentality). Also, on days when you want to challenge yourself to a longer fast, it would be cool to move back the goalpost rather than running over your initial fast time. Thanks for your consideration. 

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    Rara Avis

    I hope Zero 3.0 looks a lot like Zero 1.0. 😉

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    James Broussard

    Could you upgrade add the ability to sink data to Carb Manager and other similar software.

    Not seeing 3.0 another feature would be to have your time dead center on the opening screen and like others have said be able to add or delete the time of the fast without it showing the negativity when you cut it short this is a downer .

    Capability for you to be able to send the results should you want to to someone else whether it be a friend doctor etc.

    I have been using Zero for a while I think it’s great but there is always something to make it better hoping to see the upgrades in 3.0.

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    Marco Palmieri

    Loving the look of the 3.0 update. Thanks so much for this app. It's awesome!

    However, could you please change the 'End fast early' to just 'End fast' ? It's really disheartening and gives me a feeling of failure if for any reason I want to end it early.

    Which is also why it would be great to be able to change the type of fast during the course of the fast. 16:8 to 18:6 for eg. Just like in the previous version. Sometimes I need to change my fast type and rather than go under or over I would rather change the goal. 

    Thanks again! :)


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    Marco Palmieri

    Thanks so much for listening to the feedback and making those changes. This app is the best! :)

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    Lochlyn Christante

    I cannot type in Dark Mode. It's white text on a white background.

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    Nathan Krasinski

    Any chance we can get fast lengths longer than 7 days? Doing a 10 day now and guess I have to start a 3 day immediately following the 7 day..?

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